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 / drinks on ice, kpop bc i'm trash
alias: amber
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
give me ikon, taekook, sehun, kactors and always baekhyun
timezone: EST
mature: yes
contact: pm for aim/discord
member group: nick wilde
status: Online
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Sep 16 2016, 07:45 PM
lynn's myoa
hii guys so now that i'm all caught up (as much as i feel like being *eyes ) i figure it's time to request some more comms. so, i'm going to be limiting this to two per person mxm kpop only because my muse for anything else just isn't here atm!

tbh i'm up for any plots age gap is a+ but other than that i don't have a preference atm? light smut is fine as long as you're 18+ of course but pls i'm not talented at this RIP. please no incest, rape, or heavy abuse as usual andddd if you're looking for faces i'm a fan of just look at my profile but i'm really okay with pretty much everyone tbh. my only banned faces are got7, block b & vixx.

[post]how many: 1-2 triggers | faces to avoid: obvi anything else: whatever you gotta say  *ok [/post
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