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ro calloway
Notes from ro
04.17 in an unexpected turn of events school is eating my alive and all i do is die

04.05 soooooo don't expect much from me on tuesdays/wednesdays because i come back home at 11pm and i'm hungry and dead.

age: 23
pronouns: she/her
timezone: gmt -3
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the faves
matthew noszka, rachel hilbert, jung hoyeon, megan irwin, rj king, reece king, camila morrone, william jagnow, frida gustavsson, freya mavor, bang taeeun, does it count as one direction if they aren't together anymore?, lauren layne, dua lipa, carmella rose, steven chevrin, lorena rae, adrien sahores, victor norlander, alexis petit, pietro bosseli, janis ancens, vladimir ivanov, marina nery, ashley moore, maggie duran, bridget satterlee, scarlett leithold, lily jean bridger, chase carter, blanca padilla, hanna verhees, zhenya katava, choi sora, bae yoonyoung, me: cries about pentagon 4 times a day, i also cry about other things but it's not as bad~
the hell nos
taylor swift, kendall jenner, taylor marie hill, sara sampaio, barbara palvin, lucky blue trump supporter smith, grace elizabeth, the hadids but in a more lowkey way like i could be convinced.
the triggers
non-con/dub-con? bye. incest? bye. other than that you're probably fine.